The ANDIPen®

Peace of mind in your pocket.

Every component of the ANDIPEN was built with the patient-user in mind. This simple, stable, easy-to-use drug delivery platform eliminates worry, user error, and waste—all while improving portability, temperature resilience, and patient outcomes.

Accurate Dosing in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Grab
  1. Twist
  1. Inject


Compact Dual Chamber

The ANDIPEN is a wet/dry dual-chamber autoinjector built to drastically improve temperature resilience and shelf lives of medications traditionally offered and stored in liquid form. The ANDI® Platform is the basis for our epinephrine product, currently in pre-production in partnership with ALK-Abelló.


  • Automatic mixing
  • Small molecule
  • Rapid dissolution
  • <0.3mL delivered dose volume

Current Status: Preproduction (See pipeline)


Large Volume, Dual Chamber

This device is supported by an ongoing NIH grant and potential for follow-on funding.


  • Automatic mixing or sequential delivery
  • High-viscosity / difficult to mix injections
  • Large molecule and biologics
  • Lyophilize-in-device compatible
  • Needle length options for IM and SubQ injections
  • Up to 5 mL delivered dose volume

Current Status: In Development