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We always knew that epinephrine injectors were just the beginning.

Founded in 2011, Windgap Medical has always been patient-first and technology-focused. What began as one conversation about life-threatening allergies and the inadequacies of current medical delivery devices soon led to online surveys, patient interviews, and sit-downs with doctors and healthcare providers.

Through our research, we were blown away by how deeply the risk of anaphylaxis—and any medical condition requiring emergency medication—impacts the lives of patients and their families. They weren’t just limited by their medical condition, but by the limits of the medicine itself.

Every conversation we had pointed to three key concerns:

  1. Shelf-life and stability
  2. Portability 
  3. Ease of use

We learned people build their days and entire lives around their epinephrine autoinjector. They constantly worry about heat exposure, shelf life, and user error—which means they limit where they can go, what they can carry, and what they can do.

So we set out to create an instant autoinjector that would deliver a simple, stable, and easy-to-use solution for each of these concerns—not just for epinephrine, but for as many medications as possible.

“When you have a child at risk of anaphylaxis, your life is stressful enough. We want to make it easy for you, your child, and your family to always have a dose of epinephrine whenever and wherever it is needed.”


Since its inception, Windgap Medical has been revolutionizing drug delivery devices and the medicine they contain to create simple, safe, and stable solutions for today’s most concerning health conditions. With 85+ issued patents, Windgap seeks to improve the lives of patients with life-threatening allergies, diabetes, opioid addiction, cyanide exposure, and more through its partnerships with ALK Abelló, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, National Institutes of Health, Allergy Partners, Molex, and more. Windgap Medical is based out of Watertown, Massachusetts, a growing pharmaceutical hub in the US.



Chris Stepanian has always had an eye for focusing next-generation technology on real-world applications. Before co-founding Windgap, his record of accomplishment included management, R&D, materials technology, and operational excellence where he guided several start-ups through early-stage growth.

“My mother has been allergic to bees for the past 3 decades. As an avid gardener, she was once stung by a handful of bees and found out the hard way that she was allergic,” says Chris. “It’s been a battle to have her keep an epinephrine autoinjector on-hand and unexpired. Now in her nineties, it is critical that she does!”


With a background in nanotechnology, Brent Buchine spent his early career focusing on the (very) little things and the relationships between them. Prior to founding Windgap, Brent served as the President and co-founder of Custom Nanotech, LLC, a virtual semiconductor-fab developing processes and pilot manufacturing for next-generation micro and nano-technologies.

During that time he developed products with 60+ companies in alternative energy, biotech, medtech, MEMs, microfluidics, optoelectronics, and nanomaterials. Brent has authored multiple peer-reviewed publications, receiving over 150 citations, and filed dozens of patents based on his inventions.

“Medical delivery devices should be designed around the patient’s life—not the other way around.


Core Values


Live life as if you have one shot.

Windgap Medical was founded on the idea that a single, intelligently designed autoinjector could change the lives of millions of people—and when you know you can affect that sort of change, you must. That’s why we give it all we have with the best we have.


Small is mighty.

As far as we’re concerned, small is good—to us it means working with extreme precision and accuracy, collaborating with atomic power, and creating a huge impact with devices you can easily hold in your hand. It also means staying humble, staying hungry, and staying lean—no matter how big our company grows.


Better is better.

We are innovators on every scale, constantly evaluating and evolving our process through continuous improvement.


Activate the solution.

We encourage an entrepreneurial mindset, which means we take on the risk of solving someone else’s problems. We’re scrappy, resourceful, and proactive—and by working together, there isn’t a challenge we can’t conquer.


Treat people better.

At Windgap Medical, people come first. We prioritize their health, their goals, and their challenges—and give them better solutions for all.

Closing the Gap

Our innovative wet/dry medical technology bridges the gap between what’s possible and what’s next.

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